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Manually operated DLT tape degausser and LTO degausser

Low Volume

80 DLT/LTO Tapes per hour

12 seconds typ.

When reusing DLT tapes, it is important that all data and formatting is removed completely. The V91 DLT/LTO tape degausser has a powerful degaussing magnet that removes all patterns, thus eliminating all data and formatting, leaving them completely clear and ready to reuse. Degaussing DLT, LTO and other magnetic media will ensure that subsequent recordings will be at their very best. Degaussing can extend the life of magnetic media such as DLT, which in turn delivers cost savings.

Part Number: ZZ 009161


LTO degaussers such as the V91 DLT/LTO alter the magnetic charge on LTO tape cartridges. This process will erase the data stored on the tape and also erases the cartridge’s servo tracks, making the cartridge completely unreadable. Note: Some backup tapes may not be reusable after degaussing due to the servo track being erased.

Easy Operation

For Erasing Cassettes and Cartridges the operator turns the security key on the front of the V91 DLT/LTO to the “On” position. Pressing the red “Power” button turns on the magnetic field. The operator then takes the media and passes it across the middle of the top surface on the V91 DLT/LTO from one side to the other in one slow and smooth motion. Turn the media through 90° and repeat the motion. Flip over the media and subject it to a third pass, turn 90° and do a fourth and final pass.

The media is now erased and ready for reuse if required.

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Extended Warranties

None, Upgrade to 5 years +$404.00

Transportation Case

None, Yes (HS 500700) + Price: $795.00



Options and Pricing

Extended Warranties: Upgrade to 5 years, Price: $404

Transportation Case: Yes (HS 500700), Price: $795

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Media Handing:

DLT and LTO Back-up tapes

Erase Time:

12 seconds typ.

Magnetic Force:

5,100 Gauss


80 DLT/LTO tapes per hour