Bulk backup tape eraser and automatic hard drive degausser conveyor system for the high volume user|

High Volume
2,500 Beta SP cassettes per hour typical
2 seconds typ

The V100 bulk eraser has been designed to meet the requirements of the high volume user. The bulk degaussing conveyor unit runs continuously and with one pass gives erasure figures in excess of 75dB on 1500 oersted tape.

Part Number: ZZ 001084

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The Verity V100 degausser has a throughput of over 10,000 cassettes per hour, and capable of handling all compact media from floppy discs to high energy cassettes. The V100 backup tape eraser provides the user with one of the most efficient high energy degaussers available.

Easy Operation

The V100 is a conveyor unit and very easy to use. In its standard specification, the operator simply presses the “power on” button which turns on the belt and the degaussing field. Four powerful demagnetizing heads, two under the belt and two over the belt positioned in a ‘V’ configuration, erase the media as it passes.

The speed of the belt may be adjusted by a rotary knob from zero to 17 inches per second.

The unit can run continuously, 24/7 as the magnet heads are cooled by two powerful thermostatically controlled fans.

Service and Support

The V100 comes with a 12 month back to base, all parts and labor included a warranty. Extended warranties are also available. We are so confident in our product build quality that whether you opt for an extended warranty or not, our factory-based technical support team are available for free phone and email support. This support extends for the entire lifetime of ownership.


Electronic Sensor: for conveyor belt/magnetic field control. The sensor is mounted on the entrance to the conveyor belt and as the cassette or cartridge is feed onto the unit the conveyor belt and degaussing fields start-up. After the last product has been degaussed the belt and degaussing fields stop, controlled by a timer.

Remote Socket: Allows for remote operation of all functions from an alternative control panel. A socket on the rear of the unit gives the customer access to the belt and field on/off controls.

Magnetic Field Switch: Allows the magnetic field to be independently controlled. An additional switch on the control panel allows the operator to switch on and off the degaussing fields independent on the Conveyor belt.


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