Multi-function Automatic Labeling Machine for round bottles, oblate bottles, square bottles, etc.

Multi-function Automatic Labeling Machine for round bottles, oblate bottles, square bottles, etc.

Double Side Round Bottles Automatic Labeler

This is a multi-function automatic labeling machine for round bottles, oblate bottles, oval bottles, and square bottles.

1. Strong function, one machine can label on one side or both side of 4 different product(which are a round bottle,flat,square,not normal bottles)
2. Adopting plastic stepper guide chain which is more strong on both side, to keep bottle come in the center place to help workers to settle difficult when they put bottles on assembly line, can solely work and can work connect with the assembly line.
3. Setting up with spring top pressing mechanism to be sure smooth transfer and can cancel tolerance of height of bottles.
4. Setting up automatic bottle subdivide mechanism, apart the place of bottles before guide it to keep the stability of guiding,transmission and labeling
5. Setting up label double covering mechanism, for the first time to keep labeling accurate and the second to squeeze label for canceling air bubble and promising tight sticking on head and tail of label
6. Intelligent control,Automatic photoelectric tracing, no label for when product didn’t come, automatic correct, automatic testing, can avoid leaking and wasting.
7. The main material of equipment are stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy, comply with the GMP principle, have strong construction and attractive looking.

1. Applicative Produce size scope: L*W*H: 20mm~250mm *30mm~90mm *60mm~280mm
2. Label size scope:
flat bottle:Length 20mm~250mm,Width30mm~90mm,Height60mm~280mm
round bottle:φ45mm~φ100mm
3. labeling Accuracy: ±1mm
4. Labeling speed: 130-200pcs/min
5. Power: 110V/220V , 50/60Hz
6.Machine dimension: L*W*H:3000×1450×1600mm





  • Powerful, a machine can achieve four kinds of products-sided and double-sided labeling (round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, shaped bottle). Configure round bottle positioning style cover standard mechanism, enabling single standard round bottle labeling, double standard labeling and spot labeling;
  • Uses synchronous bilateral rigid plastic chain guide, automatically guarantee a bottle of neutral, the workers put into bottles and bottles of low demand docking lines, greatly reducing the difficulty docking assembly line worker jobs or be stand-alone production, can also be connected to production line;
  • Configuring spring-capping mechanism to ensure smooth product handling and high bottle itself effectively eliminate errors;
  • Configure automatic bottle institutions, guided bottle automatically before separate spacing, ensure follow guide bottles, transport and labeling of stability;
  • Configure two repeat standard bodies, for the first time to ensure labeling accuracy, quadratic twist roll-covered standard, effectively eliminate air bubbles and ensure the head and tail snapping;
  • Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object no labeling, no label auto-correction and auto-detection function labels, tags and drain to avoid wasting stickers;
  • High stability, Panasonic PLC + touch screen + Panasonic Matsushita Electric eye needle + German Leuze label sensor composed of advanced electronic control systems, support equipment 7 × 24-hour operation;
  • Equipment is mainly made of stainless steel and high-alloy, in line with GMP production, the overall structure of a solid, beautiful;
  • Can be stand-alone production, can also be connected to production lines, automatic product detection, unmanned production;
  • Function with downtime, production counting function, power saving features, the production of digital set stop function, parameter setting protection function to facilitate the production and management;
  • Optional features and components.


  • Mlabel length : 20mm ~ 200mm
  • MLabel width (backing paper width / mm): 20mm ~ 180mm
  • MFlat or Oblate bottles size :
    • MLength : 20mm ~ 250mm
    • MWidth: 30mm ~ 90mm
    • MHeight: 60mm ~ 280mm
  • MRound Bottles Size:
    • MDiameter : 45mm ~ 100mm
    • MHeight: 60mm ~ 280mm
  • MMax Outside diameter of label roll: φ280mm
  • MInside diameter of label roll: φ76mm
  • MLabeling accuracy (mm): ± 1mm
  • MThe standard speed : 5 ~ 19m/min
  • MLabeling speed: 30 ~ 160pcs/min
  • MConveyor speed : 18m/min
  • MWeight : about 330kg
  • MVoltage : 110/ 220V 60Hz
  • MPower : 1220W
  • Machine dimensions: 3000mm × 1450mm × 1600mm



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