LAB510-PA6 Universal Label Applicator with Printer

Automatic Labeler with integrated Thermal printer for print & apply applications.

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Product Features:

  • NEW Design featuring larger sizes
  • Universal Labeler
  • Over 4300 labels per hour

Suitable for labeling Ziploc and self-sealing bags and pouches, poly and paper bags, credit cards, phone cards, gift cards, scratch-offs, sleeves, envelopes, small boxes, CD DVD BD cases and more!

  • Applies security tabs around jewel cases and sleeves
  • Table-top unit
  • Fully transportable

Suitable for any product with a flat surface to a maximum height of 2” (50mm) and width of 12.4” (310mm), and length of 450mm (17.7”)

  • Labels can be in either fanfold or reel format.
  • Paper or plastic labels or tabs with clear or solid backgrounds

The new LAB510 can now label at 4,300 pieces per hour to any product with a flat surface to a maximum height of 2” (50mm), the width of 12.4” (315mm). and length of 17.7” (450mm). Plus at your request, we can customize the LAB510 to any size requirement!

The LAB510 can be used as a standalone unit or incorporated in a production conveyor line. Multiple units can be placed in line to form a complete tabbing, labeling and barcoding system.
If you are looking for an automatic label applicator to label very small objects like SD cards, CF cards or USB’s Click here to see: LAB400 Compact Flash Labeler (ADD LINK)


The LAB510 can apply all types of labels, stick-on’s, scratch-offs, promotional or bar code labels to any package.
The versatile LAB510 can use paper or plastic labels or tabs with clear or solid backgrounds.

Automatic feedingFF510)

The FF510 hopper will dispense paper, carton, plastic and Tyvek sleeves, Polybags, Ziploc bags, Jewel CD-Cases, DVD and Game Boxes, phone or credit cards and any other flat objects. The hopper automatically dispenses the products onto the conveyor belt where the product is labeled. The hopper can be refilled while the unit is running.

Flap folding (option FF500)

In addition to the automatic dispensing of cases and sleeves as outlined above, the optional FF500 also acts as an automatic flap folder, folding down the flaps of paper and Tyvek CD sleeves and other envelopes as they pass from the hopper onto the LAB510’s conveyor belt. Even the most basic of sleeves can be folded and then secured with the addition of a label tab.

Tabber (option TT500)

The TT500 tabber option allows the LAB510 to apply and fold sealing tabs/labels round the edge of cases and cartons and open ends of cardboard sleeves. The tabs/labels can be paper or plastic, clear or solid.


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