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Dual Layer DVD CD and Blu-Ray

RQuest TCP-7200 CD DVD Blu-Ray Duplicator & Printer






All-in-One Publishing!

The TCP-7200™ fits the definition of flexible to the letter. Network or standalone. Duplication only, print only, or a combination of both.  Verify or not to verify. Create the images on the included TrueLabel™ software or maybe your own. Password protect or not.

Everything is standard on the TCP-7200™. From the writer to the printer, the internal hard drive, to the network software and everything in between.
The TCP-7200™ deliver the perfect disc publishing solution to any office or home environment.

Ultimate Flexibility!
The industrial design of the TCP-7200™ will give you years of reliable service without the need for costly repairs.  Reliable robotics combined with R-Quest’s proprietary TrueNet LX™ Technology, your publishing system will produce only the finest quality copies without the need for constant human intervention!

Printing has never been easier! Optional printers include our top-of-the-line TruePrint™ thermal printer, or the TrueJet ink jet printers.

They will produce rich text and logos, giving you the professional corporate image you desire which will leave a lasting impression. Simply create your print image using your favorite graphics program (or use the TrueLabel™ software program that is included), save it on a disc as a .PRN file, and load it on the hopper with your master disc! It will merge your print file with your master disc and complete both tasks without switching machines! Of course you still have the ability to connect it to your network and send the images via your network. Ultimate convenience!

Printing. Duplicating. Standalone or network. Get the best of all worlds with the TCP-7200™!

Features: 2 Recorders + 160 GB HDD
Duplicate and Print in one Operation
DVD CD Blu-Ray High Speed Copy
220 Disc Capacity
Network Ready
TrueNet LXl™ software.
Because the system is controlled by the java-enabled web browser, there is no client software or printer drivers to install.
Options: Business Card option available
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