The TC-8800™ is a professional CD-R/RW standalone duplicator allowing up to eight copies to be made simultaneously at up to 16x recording speeds.

Eight full 650MB discs can be written in less than 5 minutes, with smaller masters being even faster.

Time to first copies is dramatically reduced by writing the first discs as the master is read and saved to the internal hard drive (CD to CD). In addition to making exact frame accurate copies, audio tracks can be combined from several different master CDs to create custom audio compilations.

Easy to Use !
Using the TC-8800™ is very easy and intuitive. It automatically detects the CD master type (such as CD-ROM, CD-XA, CD-Audio etc) without any user knowledge of the standards (such as Red Book, Yellow Book etc). It not only copies “Frame Accurate” Data and Audio but also copies the hidden ‘extras’ that other copiers miss, such as UPC, ISRC and audio indexes. In addition the compare master and compare copy modes allow both CDs and images to be verified for complete data integrity assurance. Autoloader Ready.
TrueCopy System Technology™
When combined with TrueCopy™ recorders the following additional features are provided via R-Quest’s exclusive TrueCopy System Technology™.
Tests the quality of recorded media by rejecting discs that have an unusually high number of correctable errors. This allows the TC-8800™ to reject poor quality media that other copiers over look.
Automatically selects the fastest recording speed recommended by the media.
Tag data disc copies with production tracking information.
Unlike ordinary CD recorders that calibrate the laser before writing, TrueCopy™ recorders dynamically adjust recording laser power throughout the disc ensuring the highest possible recording quality.
Checks audio masters for recording defects likely to produce clicks or pops.
Optionally allows only specifically authorized media to be used in the TC-8800™ helping to prevent unauthorized duplicator use.
Optionally marks each CD-R/RW with an Orange Book compliant unique recorder number.
Supported formats include:
CD-ROM Mode 1 Playstation (Developer)
CD-XA Mode 2 Form 1&2 Rockridge, Joliet
CD-DA (Red Book Audio including UPC, ISRC and Sub indexes) TAO, SAO, DAO
Video-CD (White Book) Single / Multi Session
CD-Extra (aka Enhanced CD, CDPlus) Photo CD
CD+G Karaoke* TAO / SAO / DAO
Mixed Mode ISO9660, UFS, HFS etc
Recommended Recorders R-Quest TrueCopy 12S™ or TrueCopy 16S™

Other recorders supported

(TrueCopy System Technology™ features not available with these recorders)

Plextor PX-R820Ti, PX-W8220Ti, PX-W124TSi, PX-W1210TSi

Teac CD-R56S, CD-R58S

Optional CD-ROM Reader Plextor UltraPLEX 40
Controller Series 3 with TrueCopy System Technology™
Dimensions 18"L x 7.5"W x 22"H (45.7cm x 19cm x 56cm) approx
Weight 50 lbs (25.g kg) approx (including 8 TrueCopy™ recorders)
Voltage 110v / 220v switchable
Power Consumption 300W

Temperature: 40-95F (5-35C)

Humidity 20%-80% non condensing

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