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USB Duplicator – SSUSB160PC

SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Duplicator – 16 Port

USB Duplicator

Nexcopy introduces the newly design High-speed 3.0 USB Duplicator, the SSUSB160PC.  Now take full advantage of the latest USB specification with this High-Speed USB 3.0 Duplicator.  Our new look is an ergonomic design with a top-side loading process making it the easiest system to load and unload flash memory media.

The SSUSB160PC ships with Nexcopy’s powerful Drive Manager software providing the user with a host of options for data loading, unique data streaming, device imaging and data collecting options.  It’s as easy as a photocopier.  With user friendly software interface, you can copy to 16 blank USB 3.0 flash drives, simply and automatically.   No “copy-n-paste.”  No single drive loading. No hassles.  The unit is a PC Based USB Duplicator device capable of copying at your flash drives maximum transfer speeds.

Why is the SSUSB160PC a cost benefit to your company?

Security.  It’s the number 1 issue worldwide! The SSUSB160PC gives you the control of intellectual property because the data loading process is taking place at your facility,  not with a third party vendor.  It’s a priceless asset.

On Demand.  Most organizations purchase bulk flash drives then decide what content to load. The option to send out flash drives for duplication service takes time and costs you money; having an in-house solution gives you control over production.

Imagine the possibilities.  The Nexcopy Drive Manager software is a flash memory management software solution.  From pulling IMG files off a network storage device, to unique data streaming to each device our Drive Manager software has a solution for you.  Need data collection off USB drives, no problem.  Need password control for production control, no problem.  Need Short image for Full image binary copies of a physical master, no problem.

The PC based USB Duplicator is thoughtfully designed with enough space between each USB port to accommodate most any flash drive.   The SSUSB160PC comes with a 120watt internal power supply capable of powering 16 external USB hard drives for trouble free 3.0 high speed USB duplication.

*Product specifications can change without notice.
*File types other than FAT and FAT32 require the IMG file copy function. Nexcopy Drive Manager comes with a power Imaging utility to make a master IMG file from any device.

SSUSB160PC Specifications

» Copies to 16 flash devices
» Operating Environment: PC Based WinXP/Win7
» Copies all Audio / Video / Data
» Power: Manual Switching 120 / 240
» USB Technology: USB 3.0, 2.0, 1.0 compatible
» Flash Drive Accommodation: Max 37mm Width x 15mm Height
» Weight 5.3 lbs / 2.41 kg
» Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 298 x 205 x 190

SSUSB160PC – PC Requirements

» 2.0GHz Processor or 1.8GHz Dual Core Processor or better
» 1GB RAM or 2GB for optimal performance
» Windows XP SP2 or Windows 7
» 1 USB 3.0 high speed port, 1 USB 2.0 port
» Administrator log-in required
» Windows .NET Frameworks (Provided)
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