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MP3 Ripper We are pleased to announce Baxter, a new concept in the CD DVD duplication systems industry. Baxter, an automatic MP3 Ripper Duper, is an entry level DVD CD duplicator product that allows batch MP3 / WMA ripping from CD DA discs automatically. Baxter can back up your hard drive on schedule. Baxter is truly a desktop Digital Assistant, and not a just another CD copier.

For commercial users of CD copiers, Baxter features can be found on our Scribe PC, PC Based line of automatic CD/DVD duplicators. DVD CD Duplication features like unlimited off line storage of your print and data copier images comes standard.

The ability to hot swap CD Inkjet printer or DVD thermal printers offers total flexibility without obsolescence. Owning MF Digital automatic DVD / CD copier systems means you have real on-line disc capacity ranging from 250 to 600 discs. MF Digital CD copiers and duplicators expand with your changing copier needs
Duplicate CD's and DVD's  with Scribe PC software.
Schedule back ups of your PC Hard Disk Drive to CD or DVD.
Automatically Batch MP3 Ripper (and WMA)- Rip files from 100s of of CD-DA discs.
Automatically archive Images to Hard drive from multiple discs.
Perform as an SDK (Software Developer Kit for custom applications).
Simply plug in USB to your PC and power cable to wall -- Load software & GO.


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