CD/DVD Autoloader.

Available in a PC Attached or Pro-Standalone version the RX-100 is a robust CD/DVD autoloader in a tiny little package.

Dust Proof, Quiet & Cool Looking

Our enclosed design means the system will stay dust free and safe from spills and bumps.  It also means that this is one of the quietest autoloaders on the market.  

Incredible Warranty Protection

Nobody understands service like Recordex,

and we’ll prove it with our Standard 12-Month No Hassle Warranty and friendly knowledgeable service staff.


Amazingly Easy to Use

The RX-100 PC includes easy to use software to allow effortless connection to your PC.  The software package is fully loaded and ready to RIP, Burn, Copy, and Backup just about any file you throw at it.  


The RX-100 SA model features high-end duplication features that the pros demand...all in a tidy standalone platform.  No software, no computer, no connections to deal with.  The RX-100SA is perfect for duplication professionals who prefer the speed and efficiency of standalone duplication.


Where is the Robot? Good Question!

Our autoloader features a fully enclosed professional gravity disc feeding system designed to delivery discs with amazing speed.  Many autoloaders feature robotic picking arms.  The problem is that eventually someone will pick up the unit by the robotic picking head, or simply bump it on their way past the desk.  This can cause unwanted down time while you realign the pick head, or even expensive repair bills! With the RX-100 you won’t ever need to realign the pick head.



Small Footprint Gives You More Desk Space

If you look around you’ll find that most autoloaders are real-estate hogs!  They love to eat up your precious desk space.  Not the RX-100.  Designed to take up as little space as possible the RX-100 features a very small foot print of just 10” x 14”.  That is right it is only 10” wide! You could install three or even four units in the space required by some autoloaders.


Automated Duplication Perfected!

The RX-100 features a professional gravity feed disc loading system that smokes the competition.  It can load and unload a disc in 3 seconds flat!  This little beauty also features single master and multi-master copy modes for doing one job at a time or multiple jobs at once.  Available in a PC Attach model for multi-use environments and in a Stand Alone, no-computer required model for professional duplication applications.

Huge Capacity.

Compared to other similar priced duplicators the RX-100 is well endowed.  You can duplicate unattended for hours with the full 100 capacity input bin and output bin.  


Full Feature Software Included - Burn, Rip, Backup, Restore

The RX-100PC version is a PC Attached AutoDuplicator and comes bundled with a premium software suite that turns the RX-100 into a multi-function CD/DVD appliance.  Rip CDs to MP3, Backup Data with automatic disc spanning feature that handles even the largest files, Create and Restore ISO files, Erase RW discs, Integrate with Nero 7, and make backup copies of data discs.



Combine the StudioJet 50™ AutoPrinter With An RX-100™  AutoLoader to create a flexible disc production studio!