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Hexalock CD-RX


CD-RX media represent a new recordable disc format developed by HexaLock. CD-RX discs are special CD-R discs that contain pre-burnt information that adds copy-protection security to the discs. CD-RX media are made from standard, high quality CD-R's and are suitable for recording in any standard CD/DVD recorder. CD-RX discs are fully compliant with the Orange Book standard and are readable by any standard CD/DVD reader.

CD-RX discs are produced by recording the first session that includes HexaLock Proprietary information on certified standard CD-R discs. Each CD-RX disc that is manufactured around the world is unique. The special recording process is done using dedicated HexaLock software.

CD-RX Discs Applications:  

Software Copy Protection
Software developers and publishers can use CD-RX media to protect low volume productions, beta copies and press samples of their software. The program files to be protected are linked to the authentication elements of the first session of the CD-RX discs during the recording process. The protected files can then run only when the specific CD-RX on which they were originally recorded exists in one of the local CD/DVD drives. Protected software can be copied to the HDD for performance reasons, but it still requires the original CD-RX disc.

Content Copy Protection
HexaLock Content Protection System (HCPS) is the only copy protection system in the world that can protect content files that are not programs and still make them 100% transparent to viewing/playing in their default players. HCPS technology enables content owners to burn content files such as HTML, PDF, AVI, MPEG and many more, onto CD-RX discs and make them copy protected. The protected content files can then be viewed / played only from the CD-RX disc on which they were originally recorded

Unlike protected program files, protected content files become unusable when copied to the HDD or any other media. Copying the contents of protected files using Copy & Paste, Save As and optionally even print, is blocked.

NOTE: Protected audio and video files will play on the PC, but not in consumer players.

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