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Portable Hard Drive Duplication Solutions

Disk Jockey IT Pro

The new Disk Jockey IT PRO features a built-in LCD screen that shows the progress of the operation being performed by the Disk Jockey, from copy to erase, verify to test, you can now see real-time information on elapsed time, time remaining and a visual indicator of any problems that may occur during the operation.

SATA Connectors Built-in SATA connectors on both sides of the Disk Jockey PRO. No more need to purchase additional SATA adapters
Copy speed
 Double the copy speed, now copy drives up to 4 GB/min (70 MB/sec) depending on the speed of the drive.
Bad Sector skipping DJ PRO now includes the ability to skip bad sectors during a copy to continue with the copy process
eSATA eSATA connector as well as USB 2.0 to allow you to connect raw HDD's to your PC or Macintosh computer without the need for an external drive enclosure.
Partition copy feature New Partition Copy Feature.
Options mode Options Mode allows you to set up the number of retries to occur on bad sectors, adjust the time between drives spinning up, change the alarm sounds and choose whether or not the unit shuts down after an operation has completed.


Disk Jockey Expander software for Mac: This easy-to-use partition management program makes  recovering the unused space on a Mac drive a simple process.

12" Extended Cable: Allows you to connect the DJ directly to the computer's hard drive, with the IDE cable, with no need to crack open the computer and remove the hard drive.


Model Number: F.GDR-2007-000A
Name: Disk Jockey Pro IT
Interface: USB Rev2.0
USB Connector Type: B-type
Weight: approximately 360g
Measurements: W146mm x D102mm x H25.4MM
Temperature/humidity: Temp 5~35 degrees C., Humidity 20~80% non-condensing), and within the specified environment limits of the attached PC.

NOTE: There is no HDD included in this DJ-PRO kit.


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