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Solstice Computer Forensics Products
Automated Forensic Data Collection Systems
Transferring all evidence files to a set of CD-R or DVD-R discs is a very time consuming task when done manually.

CopyPro's robotic autoloading disc recorder and Evidisc software automates the disc loading and recording process. Plus, the system's disc printer professionally labels each disc.

To allow auditing of system activity and discs, Evidisc creates a log file comment and MD5 hash code for each disc processed by the system.

In summary, the Evidisc system offers a superior evidence file-to-disc processing solution that supports computer forensics standards and features unattended operation.

Forensic Disc Copiers
Model CPFDA100.
Model CPFDA100

Automated CD DVD Forensic Disc Analyzer with Robotic Disc Loader

Forensic Tool for the intensive analysis and extraction of data from CD DVD media. Equipment saves time for forensic examiners, data recovery technicians, and law enforcement professionals involved computer forensic investigations and evidence recovery and collection. Excellent laboratory tool for computer forensic evidence investigations.
  • Operates unattended
  • Bulk processing of up to 100 discs
  • Examines and archives disc based evidence

Forensic Disc Copiers
Model CPFDA100PRO.


Automated CD DVD Forensic Disc Analyzer with Disc Publishing

All the features of the CPFDA-100 plus CD DVD publishing capabilities.
  • Unattended publishing of evidence files like encase onto labeled discs
  • Print labels directly onto disc surface with case specific information
  • Operates as a standard DVD CD duplicator with disc label printing
  • Unattended transfer of evidence files to CD-R/DVD-R discs.
  • Compatible with all evidence files.
  • MD5 code created and logged for each disc.
  • Makes single or multiple disc sets.
  • Professionally labels each disc.
  • Robotic disc processor with 150 disc capacity
  • Facilitates copying evidence files to CD-R/DVD-R disc sets.
  • Faster distribution of computer forensics evidence.
  • Unattended operation saves time and money.
  • Labeled discs for Court presentations and archive libraries
How Evidisc works:

Evidisc generates an evidence file during data acquisition.

Evidisc is used to select the evidence files for transfer to CD-R or DVD-R discs.

Evidisc allows entering disc label information (that will be printed on each disc)

Evidisc can make a single disc set or multiple disc sets automatically.  Next, Evidisc will use the CopyPro robotic disc processing system to publish the evidence files to disc sets and print a label on each disc.

Evidisc creates a log file entry with job ID and MD5 hash code for each disc processed.


  • CD DVD Inspector w/ Robotic Module (Analyzing)
  • Evidisc Evidence File Archiving and Publisher (Archiving & Printing for evidence files)
  • DiscCopy Plus CD/DVD Duplication Software (Duplicating)
  • CD Painter Printing Software (Printing for duplication)


  • 100 Disc capacity robotic loader
  • Plextor 716A DVD/CD Recorder/Reader (subject to change) 
  • Plextor 230A CD Recorder/Reader (subject to change)
  • PowerPro III Thermal Transfer Printer (monochrome)

System requirements:

  • Computer with 1.2 GHz (or faster)
  • Intel or Athlon processor
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended, 20GB (or larger) hard drive space
  • Parallel port & Serial port, Firewire or USB interface
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